11/10 - 11/15/2012 : Supercomputing Conference in Salt Lake City (SC12)

We will present the pre-release version of CUDA-MTL4 and the Supercomputing edition at SC11. Visit us at booth 4036 (ZIH, TU Dresden). To schedule a meeting with us at the conference, please contact us.


11/09/2012 : Meeting C++ in Düsseldorf, Germany

Karsten Ahnert and Peter Gottschling will present odeint - a generic library for solving ordinary differential equations - using MTL4, more details see here.


06/17 - 06/21/2012 : International Supercomputing Conference (ISC)

Peter Gottschling will attend the ISC Conference that will take place in Hamburg in June 2012. To schedule a meeting with him at the conference, please contact us.


3/30/2012: MTL4 supports Clang++

MTL4 is now compilable with Clang++.  We test this nightly with Clang 3.0.  Older Clang versions -- e.g., 1.6 -- worked as well.


3/13/2012: HAMM workshop in Grenoble

Peter Gottschling is invited speaker at the first workshop on Hybrid Architectures and Multiscale Methods, talking about "MTL4: Massive parallel computations and towards hybrid computations", see here.


2/29/2012: First German CUDA Center of Excellence

Together with the Dresden University of Technology, the Helmholtz-Center Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR), the Max-Planck-Institute for Cellbiology and Genetic (MPI-CBG), SimuNova is awarded being part of the first CUDA Center of Excellence in Germany. see here.


1/6/2012: Benchmarking

Benchmarking of the Parallel MTL4 have demonstrated that our performance is very similar to PETSc, for more info see here.


11/14-18/2011: SC11

We will take part in the Supercomputing Conference (SC11) in Seattle. You can meet us at the TU Dresden booth (#4011), more info here.


11/03/2011: odeint

MTL4 is integrated in odeint - a modern C++ library for numerically solving ordinary differential equations, see here.


10/15/2011: Debugger support

MTL4 provides debugger support for gdb, DDT and DDD, see here.


09/20/2011: ViennaCL

ViennaCL (Vienna Computing Library) - a scientific computing library written in C++ and based on OpenCL - provides an interface to MTL4, see here.


06/19-23/2011: ISC11

We will take part in the International Supercomputing Conference in Hamburg, more info here.


10/27/2010: Visual Studio 10

We have added new platforms for nightly test: Visual Studio 10, g++4.1 (32 bit)g++4.3 (32 bit) and g++4.4 (32 bit), see here.


10/6/2010: Quality Management for MTL4

We have a Quality Management for MTL4 implemented on CDash, in which tests were every night done. You can see the results of tests on the following link.


9/30/2010: MTL4 available as package

In addition to the download as archive and the version control by subversion, we now provide RPM and DEB packages for Linux users. Windows and Apple installers are under development.


9/23/2010: The Meta-Tuning paradigm of MTL4 is presented at ICNAAM

Performance tuning is realized in MTL4 with innovative technology called meta-tuning developed by Peter Gottschling. This technology only contained in MTL4 was presented in the "Automatic Computing" session at ICNAAM. Here is the paper.


9/20/2010: Presentation of MTL4-based mesh deforming application at ICNAAM

In cooperation with the Fraunhofer "Ernst Mach" Institute and Technical University of Vienna, we developed an RBF-based mesh motion and deformation application. The background and results were presented at the "High-Performance  Computational Methods for Partial Differential Equations" session organized by Jörg Wensch and Peter Gottschling at ICNAAM. Here is the paper.

Participants of our ICNAAM session

7/27/2010: Foundation of the company

SimuNova UG is officially founded on July 27th 2010 with the registration in the Commercial Register Dresden as record: HRB 29130 (published 7/29/10).

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